Alt Ref NoBMSS/20201-23758
TitleGeneral Collection of Bangor Manuscripts - Volume XII
Casgliad Cyffredinol o Lawysgrifau Bangor - Cyfrol XII
DescriptionA collection of miscellaneous and small accessions of manuscripts and papers received by the University since the establishment of the University College of North Wales in 1884. The collection has been acquired by gift, purchase or in some cases deposited. In some instances, collections have been received at different times from the same source and are, as a result, not numbered together. Additions are continually being made to the collection.
The items within the collection are bound together by one common factor - their relevance to the history, people and topography of North Wales. However, their subject areas are very wide-ranging and are of national as well as local historical interest.
The collection consists of the papers of various University professors and lecturers, historians, antiquaries, farmers, businessmen and ministers; chapel records and the papers of local attorneys and solicitors.
The format of the documents can vary greatly. They can be deeds, rentals, accounts, surveys, diaries, correspondence, election ephemera, maps and plans, photographs, postcards and transcripts of manuscripts. They are mainly in English, Welsh and Latin.

Amongst the papers to be found within this particular volume of Bangor Manuscripts are the papers of Cynan, R.T. Jenkins and Prof. Glyn Roberts.
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